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33 years
bath repairs

Luton's Bath Re-Enameling Specialists

Save yourself money and time and have your bath re-enameled instead of replacing it!

Resurfaced Bath TubHaving a bath removed and replaced can be quite the ordeal; it involves not only a plumber but also new tiles and a big upheaval. However, bath re-enameling takes just a few hours and it's all done in situ.

All baths are designed with smooth, luxurious and easily cleanable surfaces, but sadly even the very best do wear over time. Taking advantage of our decades of experience in the bath re-enameling industry, we truly bring our Luton clients' baths back to life! Whether it's a discovered freestanding roll top or a modern acrylic bathtub, our bath re-enamelling and repairs service will ensure it brings many more years of use and save you the time and expense of buying a brand new one!

So call us today on 01582 766886 to arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience!

In recent years, the technique of bath re-enameling has become increasingly popular and is now widely applied to cast iron and pressed steel as a practical and cost effective alternative to porcelain. However, it does wear and can easily chip.

The enamel process has a wonderfully smooth feel when new. Unfortunately, over time the surface begins to wear away, creating colour fading or a rougher finish. 

Our resurfacing and re-enamelling service can return your bath to its former glory in just a few hours at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The complete bath re-enameling service across Luton

Working across Luton, we provide a comprehensive range of bath re-enameling services, including;

  • Chemical cleaning of old enamel
  • Sand blasting to clean iron or steel
  • Repairs to pitting
  • Re-zincing of feet on claw foot baths
  • Enamel re-surfacing and polishing
  • Silicon sealant application
  • Acrylic bath resurfacing
  • Bath re-enameling

Re-enameled Bath in LutonWe don't just work in homes across Luton; bath resurfacing is a particularly cost effective service for hotels with hundreds of baths to keep in the best possible condition. Replacement is a huge disruption and very costly. but resurfacing takes just 3 hours and can even include application of our unique anti-slip coatings.

Developed alongside health and safety professionals, the Bath Renovations anti-slip formula is quickly applied, easy to clean and looks great. We can even come back and check it for you on a regular basis with our bath maintenance program; click here for more on our anti-slip bath coatings.

Bath resurfacing expertise and customer satisfaction guaranteed

Bath Renovations is a small company dedicated to a specialist renovations service; getting the best possible smooth finish takes years of experience of resurfacing baths. We can apply it to cast iron, pressed steel and acrylic tubs. The most important thing is to always use experienced and professional specialists to avoid disappointment. Everything from complete renovations of classic old Victorian roll tops to touch ups of modern acrylic baths are all welcome from private or business customers.

Whatever your bath resurfacing, bath re-enameling or full renovation requirements get the expert service at Bath Renovations; contact us today to arrange a no obligation quotation.