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33 years
bath repairs

London's Hotel Bath Maintenance Experts!

Typical hotel bath in LondonAvoid the risk of losing customers; make sure your hotel baths are regularly maintained by the experts at Bath Renovations.

Working across London, we provide fast, regular and comprehensive bath maintenance solutions at hotels throughout the City and beyond.

From restoring baths back to their former glory and resurfacing them to repairing chips, we have got every aspect of bath maintenance and renovation covered. After all, a chip-free and smooth bath is exactly what a hotel should have at all times; we give you exactly that!

Whatever maintenance you need, we'll provide it. So if you run a hotel in London, look no further for your bath maintenance than the experts at Bath Renovations. Call us today on 01582 766886 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly team. 

Specialist anti-slip coatings

For London hotels, health and safety of all guests should be of paramount importance. One potential threat to this is the risk of trips and slips in the bath, but our highly skilled and experienced team will apply anti-slip coatings onto your baths. Unlike many other options on the market, our anti-slip products will not wear away, attract dirt or lose their effectiveness. For more information, please see our Anti-Slip Maintenance page.

Bespoke maintenance packages

We will undertake full maintenance of your baths whenever and as frequently as you need it. We appreciate that in business, time is money so we will work around your schedule and repair, resurface or restore your baths during your quieter periods.

Make sure that your baths reflect the professional nature of your hotel; hire the restoration experts here at Bath Renovations to carry out essential maintenance services and anti-slip coating applications.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange a no obligation quotation with one of our helpful and friendly team.