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33 years
bath repairs

Always Use An Expert

Bath resurfacing is one of those things that takes years to learn how to do well, but it doesen't stop a few tradesmen giving it a go at knock down prices.

Bath ResurfacingHaving worked in the bath renovation industry for over 33 years, we have the experience, skills and expertise to accurately, efficiently and professionally resurface your bath.

Many people think a bath is just a bath and resurfacing it just another job for a tradesman. However quality bath resurfacing or chip repairs for baths takes real craftsmanship. Enamel is a tricky product to work with and baths are a big, unusual shape with a profile that demands immaculately smooth finishing. You can only get that from specialist bath renovation specialist like us.

Smooth finish

The whole point of getting a bath resurfaced is to enjoy that smooth feel to the enamel, but a bad resurfacing job will do just the opposite. Poor surface preparation or poor application leads to a lumpy or pock marked finish; even a basic resurfacing will take several hours and a complete renovation including full stripping down can take many more because it all has to be done properly to get that great finish.

Perfect colour matching

You may think all baths are white, but the age of the old enamel, the way it was applied and the particular method and materials used by each manufacturer means that baths come in an array of off-white colours. Taking time colour matching is essential, especially for chip repairs because you will notice the difference if its repaired in brilliant white when the bath was made in an off white colour.

Satisfaction and quality guaranteed

All our work comes with a range of guarantees; reliable appointment keeping, accurate quotations, specialist expertise, perfect colourfast, high gloss finishes and satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unhappy with the work in any way, we will make it good or refund your money in full.

Hiring the expert saves you money

Getting resurfacing done professionally is the most cost effective way to get the finish you want. Plus no shopping trip is required, there are no costly installations or disruptions and you get a result that is guaranteed. Use a cheap and quick service and you get cheap and quick results; a considerable portion of our work is actually carrying out repairs on poor resurfacing work.

Based in Hatfield, we provide our comprehensive bath resurfacing and re-enameling services to domestic and commercial customers from across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, North London, Essex and Buckinghamshire. We work alongside clients from Luton, Stevenage, Hatfield, St Albans, Chelmsford, Braintree, Colchester, Watford, Islington, Enfield, Edgware, Oxford, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Harrow and Bedford.

If you need resurfacing, chip repairs or any other renovations services for your bath, make sure you always use an expert; contact us here at Bath Renovations today to arrange a no obligation quotation from our bath resurfacing specialist.