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Anti Slip Showers

Our anti-slip shower surfacing service is used by home owners and hotel chains.

Anti Slip CoatingsFlawlessly sleek shower surfaces, along with water and various products such as shampoo, shower gels, or oils, can create a luxurious experience. However, they can also pose a significant safety hazard when it comes to getting out of the shower.

Tiny ridges moulded into acrylic surfaces offer minimal grip, temporary stick-on solutions lose their adhesive quickly, and rubber mats ruin the user experience before becoming susceptible to mould. Drawing on our extensive background in bath renovations, we have developed a high-quality anti-slip surfacing solution that guarantees a durable and secure surface.

Anti-slip shower resin coating

We mix up a formula of liquid resin with a combination of aggregate materials to create our anti slip coating. Once dry, the resin forms a tough bond with the shower enamel that is guaranteed to stay effective for over a year. The anti-slip surfacing coating can be easily applied with a roller and stencil, making it perfect for combining with shower resurfacing or chip repairs. Once dry, the coating is ready to use, providing a neat and level finish.


Easy maintenance

The anti-slip surfacing resin ensures a clean and well-maintained surface in the shower that will not accumulate dirt. With regular cleaning, both the shower and the coating will stay fresh and retain their new appearance.

Designed by experts

The Bath Renovations anti-slip surfacing coating was developed by company founder and expert renovator Julian Scott, who worked alongside health and safety experts to find an effective, simple and long lasting ultimate anti-slip shower solution.

Perfect for home or business

Have more confidence when stepping out of the shower, or rest assured that your hotel is taking measures to protect the well-being of its guests with our anti-slip feature, preventing potential injuries. The anti-slip surfacing coating is a key component of our all-encompassing solution for hotels aiming to meet health and safety regulations regarding slip hazards. Shower-related slips cause numerous injuries annually, but our cost-effective coatings and regular maintenance inspections greatly decrease these risks, lower injury rates, and guarantee full compliance with health and safety standards.

Located in Hatfield, our clients include hotels, commercial companies, and private homeowners throughout Hertfordshire. Bedfordshire, North London, Essex and Buckinghamshire. We provide our anti-slip surfacing services to customers from Luton, Stevenage, St Albans, Chelmsford, Watford, Harrow, Cambridge, Enfield, Milton Keynes and Bedford.


Ensure your safety or that of your clients with our innovative resin and aggregate solution; reach out to Bath Renovations today on 01582 766886 for the anti-slip shower surfacing that truly lives up to its word.