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33 years
bath repairs

Types of Bath

Baths of different kinds have been around for almost 5000 years and unsurprisingly, there is a huge range of styles and types to choose from today.

Modern bathtubs tend to fall into two main formats today; Western-style long and shallow bathtubs in which the person lies down and Eastern-style short and deep bathtubs in which the bather sits upright. Places where space is at a premium, such as cities like New York, are ideal for the Eastern-style bathtubs, as most bathrooms in apartment buildings would struggle to fit a Western-style bathtub in.

Modern baths are traditionally made from acrylic or fibreglass but there are many alternatives based on classic designs from the last few centuries. A wide range of shapes, sizes and colours are now possible but enameled baths typically offer more style and elegance. Thanks to our vast experience in the bath renovation, resurfacing and re-enameling industry, we can provide expert maintenance and chip repairs to ensure that your bath lasts for decades and still looks as good as new.

The claw foot tub - Claw foot tubs are freestanding, enameled baths that have remained a desirable luxury item for over 100 years. Originally made in cast iron and lined with porcelain, their price has progressively lowered over the years as porcelain become enamel and cast iron became fibreglass. They still remain high in demand though and it is still possible to get a bargain from a scrap metal yard, which can then be renovated with bath resurfacing and anti-slip coatings.

Whilst most modern bath designs are little more than plastic bowls with a square wall or plastic enclosure attaching them to the wall, free standing claw foot tubs come in a variety of designs;

Classic roll rim, flat rim or roll top bath - What everyone pictures when you say “free-standing bath”, the roll around the top of the bath keeps the sharp edges of cast iron away from exposed arms creating a comfortable place to lounge.

Slipper tubs - Designed with one end of the bath slightly raised and sloping creating a more comfortable shape to lie in, double slipper tubs have the slope at both ends.

Double-ended tubs - The classic bath design is rounded at one end and flatter at the other, however modern tastes seem to prefer symmetricality to practicality and the double-ended tub is ideal with a rounded shape to both ends.

Pedestal tubs - Unlike all the others, pedestal baths do not have claw feet; the tub sits on a pedestal in what is often called art-deco style; however, the design was first popular around 1000BC in Crete.

Brass Bathtub
Free Standing Bath
Art Deco

Whatever your own personal style or preference, there is sure to be an ideal bath for you, and whilst modern tubs inevitably fit flushly into our square modern homes, the true luxury choice is still a professionally enamelled free standing roll top bath sat bang in the middle of the room. Whilst we love offering our bath renovations services on the classics, we are equally at home providing bath chip repair and bath resurfacing on modern acrylic versions.

Based in Hatfield, we provide domestic and commercial customers from across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, North London, Essex and Buckinghamshire with the very best in bath repairs, renovations, resurfacing and anti-slip coating services. Our customers come from Luton, Stevenage, Hatfield, St Albans, Harpenden, Cheshunt, Chelmsford, Braintree, Colchester, Watford, Harrow, Berkhamstead, Welwyn Garden City, Leighton Buzzard, Bishop's Stortford, Loughton, Harlow, Hertford, Letchworth Garden City, Cambridge, Hitchin, Islington, Enfield, Edgware, Oxford, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes and Bedford.

No matter what your requirements for bath renovations, chip repairs or resurfacing, put it in the hands of the dedicated specialists; contact us at Bath Renovations today and we can arrange a no obligation quotation with one of our expert team.